We are a team of biologists with expertise in aquatic and terrestrial environments, working for government and industrial clients. We pride ourselves in technical strength, responsiveness, and an ability to communicate with agencies on behalf of our clients.

Bruce Kilgour, Ph.D.

President / Project Director

Anthony Francis, Ph.D.

Senior Ecologist/ Project Manager

Charles Hatry, M.Sc.

Senior Biologist/ Project Manager


Catherine Proulx, M.Sc.

Senior Biologist/ Project Manager

Katherine Black, M.Sc.


Robert Hallett, Dipl.



Vince Debreu

il, B.Sc.


Dianne Drummond, B.Sc. BMC

Office Manager/Illustrator


Our team is happy to be working with a group of experienced advisors.

Keith Somers, Ph.D.

Biostatistician/ Ecologist

Ken Allison, B.Sc.

Wildlife Ecologist/ Naturalist