Catherine Proulx, M.Sc.

Senior Biologist/ Project Manager


Catherine is a biologist with a background in fish ecology and statistical analyses. Catherine has experience working on a variety of aquatic projects involving fisheries, permitting, fish habitat mapping, species at risk monitoring and inventories as well environmental monitoring of fish communities and fish health. Catherine also has experience working on project related to species at risk and their habitat, such as the Blanding’s Turtle, Channel Darter and Deepwater Sculpin.

Since joining Kilgour & Associates, Catherine has worked on and led numerous Environmental Effects Monitoring (EEM) programs, including Investigations of Cause (IOC) studies, for oil sands and metal mining clients in Sudbury, Timmins, Northern Saskatchewan and Fort McMurray. She has assisted in the development of study designs and the collection, analysis and reporting on water quality, sediment chemistry, benthic invertebrate communities, fish community and fish tissue data. In 2017, Catherine participated in environmental studies in support of options selection and development for both the Nairn Falls Generating Station replacement project and the Wabagishik Generating Station spillway replacement. Both projects included the collection of bathymetric, fish community and fish habitat data.

Catherine has worked with various government agencies, conducting literature reviews and making recommendations on environmental indicators and trend assessments. Catherine assisted in the development of models to assess ecosystem services such as water purification for Environment and Climate Change Canada’s Ecosystem Potential Index for Canada (EPIC) project. Similarly, she worked on ECCC’s Canadian Environmental Sustainability Indicators (CESI) program, reviewing trend assessments and reporting options for the water quality indicator. She has worked on developing indicators for the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) and Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute (ABMI), as well assisted in establishing normal ranges of variations for water, benthos and fish collected from the Athabasca River in Alberta. Catherine compiled metals and inorganics data from various freshwater monitoring programs across Canada and characterized the background concentration ranges of the analytes to inform chemical risk assessments by ECCC.

Catherine is certified as a Canadian Aquatic Biomonitoring Network (CABIN) project manager.