Environmental Planning, Permits and Approvals

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Environmental planning is the process of facilitating decision making to carry out land development while giving consideration to the natural environment and other social, economic and governance factors to achieve a sustainable outcome. We offer efficient data collection, data analysis and skilled evaluation of the environmental planning progress.

The permitting and approvals process help regulatory agencies measured and understand the impact that a project, such as land development, may have. Our team of consultants have over 25 years of experience assisting clients navigate through the environmental permitting process. Working for both industry clients and the governments developing the regulations, we provide invaluable insight into the processes involved.

We provide the ecological information to support environmental permitting from municipal, provincial and federal regulators. Our experienced consultants guide our clients through the process of permitting and approvals, providing high quality environmental monitoring plans, mitigation designs and offsetting programs that meet our clients needs, deadlines and budgets. We help our clients by finding the most efficient and effective ways to collect, analyse and present data for the permitting and approvals process.

We can provide a broad range of services that will satisfy project needs, including but not limited to:

  • Baseline monitoring of aquatic and terrestrial species;

  • Species at risk inventories;

  • Mitigation plans;

  • Offsetting programs;

  • Technical reports and application documents; and

  • Liaising with regulatory agencies.