Environmental Assessments

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Environmental Assessments (EA) are required under municipal, provincial and federal processes, for capital major projects. Kilgour & Associates has been involved in numerous EA’s over the past several years in support of local infrastructure including roads, piers, bridges and airport expansion. For projects requiring EA we participate in various capacities. We most frequently provide expertise in “on-the-ground” inventories of aquatic and terrestrial environments, and produce reports on the natural environment that is incorporated in EA submissions to regulatory agencies. We are often then further engaged to negotiate environmental mitigations and setbacks, as they arise.

Working for the Ottawa International Airport, we completed a federal screening EA to support the realignment of Sawmill Creek, where it outlets from the airport’s stormwater management (SWM) facility. The SWM pond is ‘controlled’ by an electronic sluice gate. The channel downstream of the pond and sluice gate was eroding because the channel had previously been designed (and excavated) to include a 90-degree bend. We worked with the design engineer to soften the bends, and to incorporate natural riparian vegetation that would support banks of the channel. We also carried out field studies to determine if there were ecological sensitivities such as species at risk. We followed up our field studies with the federal EA, then assisted in the construction of the project, being on site and monitoring the quality of water leaving the site to the downstream watercourse.

Sawmill Creek

Sawmill Creek

Working for the Peterborough Municipal airport, we completed a federal screening environmental assessment (in association with Bolivar~Philips). We carried out field programs to document ecological sensitivities, and to determine if there were any ecological constraints to the proposed project. We also engaged with local regulatory agencies, and negotiated mitigations and compensations, as required. The project (runway expansion) moved ahead as planned, on schedule, without any delays caused by ecological findings.