Urban Forest Planning

Town of Saugeen Shores

Kilgour & Associates Ltd. is working with the Town of Saugeen Shores on Lake Huron to prepare an Urban Forest Management Plan. This Plan is establishing detailed, practical and adaptive guidelines and actions for the Town to follow in its operations so as to achieve long term preservation and enhancement of its urban forest. The Plan integrates urban forest best management practices and standards to meet the main outcomes of proactive and cost-effective protection and maintenance of the existing urban forest on public lands and expansion of forest cover by the Town and its partners. Environmental, social and economic benefits will be realized through effective management that will maintain and enhance the number, quality and diversity of urban trees for the Town communities of Port Elgin and Southampton. The consulting team reviewed the Town’s practices in comparison to industry best practices, consulted with stakeholders and recommended updates to the Town’s programs for monitoring (inventory and inspections), tree planting and replacement, ongoing tree care, risk management and health and safety. The resulting 20-year operational plan is set in the context of the Town’s communities, history, landscape, policy directions and vision for the future.

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